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Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers Equal Happy Bottom Line

Posted 12th January 2022 | Category: MarketResearch

Find out more about SME Companies’ Employee Benefits Attitudes and Practices.

Until recent years, buying formal benefits for employees was mostly the realm of larger companies but now smaller companies have begun to realise that offering employees benefits in addition to just salary can be a win-win, a better way to remunerate employees and a way to help the company prosper, too. Through the research we wanted to understand what motivated smaller companies to invest in benefits and considered all kinds, both informal benefits like flexible working and more formal, contractual benefits like medical plans and income protection.

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The 8 disciplines of a customer-obsessed culture

Posted 15th August 2018 | Category: CustomerExperience

How can organisations embrace change, develop and improve leadership and decision-making behaviours that will embed customer-centricity and compelling customer experience into their DNA?

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New orange tablets for street interviewing

Posted 4th October 2017 | Category: News

Shiny new tablets brighten up Phoenix MRC's interviewers' day!

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Culture and conduct - extending the accountability regime

Posted 26th September 2017 | Category: News

“It’s not enough to be motivated to behave in a new way; people also need to understand how to be successful with the new behaviours.” Jonathan Davidson, FCA, 20 Sept 2017. The key behaviours that influence a successful customer-centric culture can in fact be measured, benchmarked against peers and improved. Click here to find out how.

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Successful Cultures Respond To Changing Customer Needs

Posted 9th June 2017 | Category: News

How can organisations ensure that their business strategy is aligned with customer relevance and responsiveness and focused on positive customer outcomes that drive acquisition and retention? An effective organisational culture is becoming recognised as key to a superior customer experience. The Market Responsiveness Index provides a way to measure and manage this.

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Who will benefit from the sharing economy?

Posted 15th February 2017 | Category: Trends

Is the Sharing Economy a rebalancing of life goals for a more equitable society and more enriched lives for the majority or is it the gateway to an even more polarised economy with higher proportions of poor, more State-dependant people and an even more rarefied, rich, resilient elite?

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How to increase the value of your internal workshops

Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: Innovation

Workshops are a key way organisations ensure collaboration and consensus on decision making and implementation. Sometimes these activities can only be entrusted to key internal stakeholders but it’s worth considering the value and support that well qualified external facilitators can bring.

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What’s really behind the Energy Switching agenda?

Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: News

Most of us today feel we have too many things to think about and the Energy Switching agenda gives us yet one more. Powers that Be are frustrated with how stubborn consumers have been not to engage and switch. In the commercial world companies tend to stop and reconsider when they meet this much resistance to a product offering. As marketeers and consultants one of our key skills is to delve into motivations. I’ve read the public information and the motivation behind the Energy Switching agenda never seems to be explained satisfactorily. Read on for a perspective on the motivations in this area.

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Consumers aren’t irrational – We need to reframe our questions

Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: CustomerExperience

Recently I had the privilege of attending a conference by Citizen’s Advice on Behavioural Economics and Utilities Switching Behaviour. The various speakers from industry, academia and regulatory bodies were each expert in their area, well-spoken and undoubtedly well-meaning throughout. However, I was struck by the extent of Groupthink that prevailed in the room.

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Balancing customer effort and engagement

Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: BrandStrategy

In order to attract and hold customer attention in an increasingly fragmented digital world, brand experiences and customer journeys need to be compelling and memorable, as much as they need to be quick and easy.

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