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Team Phoenix

Posted 12th May 2023 | Category: News

PhoenixMRC is delighted to be providing marketing services for this project; a car built by the E-type enthusiasts at Ed Watson & Co for E-type enthusiasts.

Preserving the beauty and styling of the E-type is at the forefront of the new Electric E-type. The new modern electric drivetrain has been installed discreetly leaving owners and fans alike to admire the untouched classic styling. The fully reversible conversion maintains the authenticity of the Jaguar E-type, while the electric drivetrain complements the original E-type design and engineering.

The EV-type feels and looks like an E-type, and with upgraded brakes, steering and suspension working in tune with the electric drivetrain's effortless torque and power, it also performs like an E-type should.

Read more about Phoenix MRC and the EV-type here 

Oh and Susan, her husband Ian and their twin sons will be "racing" in the Mille Miglia 2023, June 13-17 as Team Phoenix


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