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"The most beautiful electric car in the world"

PhoenixMRC is delighted to be providing marketing services for this project; a car built by the E-type enthusiasts at Ed Watson & Co for E-type enthusiasts.

Motor Power Max: 240kw

Motor Torque Max: 900Nm

0-60 <6 seconds

Range:200 miles

Charger: 7kw AC with CCS fast charge

Classic car enthusiasts are understandably wary of recent moves to electrify classic cars. However, we identified that among those many people who aspire to E-type ownership, a significant number would appreciate the greater reliability and environmentally friendly aspects of an E-type powered by electricity, but only if:-

  • the beauty, styling and authenticity of the E-type are all preserved
  • no structural changes are made
  • it utilizes all original E-type components with the exception of the petrol engine, gearbox and fuel system
  • it drives like an E-type should
  • it has decent range
  • and most importantly, the conversion is fully reversible

From this, the EV-type project was born and the first car converted to be, not an "electric E-type" as others have attempted, but more an "E-type with electric power".

Motoring journalists who've driven the car say this about the EV-type:

"Above all, and importantly, the car feels like an E-type to drive, and the personality of the E and its handling qualities have been maintained......from a driving perspective you would be hard pushed to find any significant differences between the EV-type and an XK engine Series 1" Steve Rendle, 'The e-type' April 2023.


"There's no denying the sound and responsiveness of the XK engine play a major role in the E-type experience, but so do the car's iconic looks, excellent handling and first-rate performance and none of these have been altered. In my view, this is still an E-type but one ready for whatever the future holds" Paul Walton, 'Jaguar World' December 2021.

"The fact that the EV conversion is fully reversible, and a full 12-month warranty is provided is likely to make it an appealing prospect for E-type a time when many current mainstream car manufacturers are producing models which, in some cases, are arguably aesthetically is refreshing to see the EV concept approached from a 'classic' angle" Steve Rendle, 'The e-type' April 2023.

The EV-type feels and looks like an E-type, and with upgraded brakes, steering and suspension working in tune with the electric drivetrains effortless torque and power, it also performs like an E-type should.

Production is now underway at Ed Watson & Co whilst the team at PhoenixMRC continues to provide marketing services, applying our insights and expertise to enable the project to achieve its full potential.

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