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Measuring  Customer Culture to drive your business performance.

What is MRI™?

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) is a powerful benchmark of your responsiveness to customers' needs, competitive threats and market changes. Unlike ad hoc culture change initiatives, the MRI™ is based on extensive research and provides performance measurement against leading brands that embody a customer culture. It allows you to understand the current state of the organisation, know where to conduct root cause analysis on issues, monitor progress on improvements and manage expectations of internal stakeholders.

Furthermore, the MRI™ has the credibility required to demonstrate to UK regulatory bodies, such as the FCA, Ofgem, OfCom and the CMA that your brand is acting in the best interests of customers and addressing the regulator's concerns about corporate culture and "the tone from the top".

Watch a short overview from the found of MarketCulture Strategies

Dr Linden Brown introduces the MRI™ and Phoenix MRC as an accredited UK partner.

How can you measure Customer Centric Culture?

MRI™ is a web-based staff survey tool, based on years of systematic research, that measures the level of the key customer-centric behaviours that an organisation actions with its customers. It is easy to administer, simple, intuitive to complete and can be conducted with a few as 25 executives or rolled out to broader leadership teams.

Why measure Customer Centric Culture?

MRI measures behaviours that reliably predict superior business performance. A strong customer culture is the single most important driver of future business performance and is the bedrock of digital transformation, CX initiatives and customer metrics. Use this system to align your C-Suite's vision and ownership of lasting CX ROI.

Phoenix MRC CX advisory services

We help brands deliver a successful customer strategy

Phoenix MRC offers the MRI™ and support, the reporting and presentation deliverables with workshops, analysis, modelling and KPI target setting capabilities to embed improvements and ensure delivery against business objectives.

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- Helps you focus on those customer culture factors that are critical to your strategy

- Enables you to measure and benchmark your most important customer culture drivers, set targets, take action and track progress

- Creates a unified focus on the customer and helps communicate priorities to all staff

- Enables you to engage and inspire staff to focus on activities that provide value for customers

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