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Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers Equal Happy Bottom Line

Posted 12th January 2022 | Category: MarketResearch

Find out more about SME Companies' Employee Benefits Attitudes and Practices.

Until recent years, buying formal benefits for employees was mostly the realm of larger companies but now smaller companies have begun to realise that offering employees benefits in addition to just salary can be a win-win, a better way to remunerate employees and a way to help the company prosper, too. Through the research we wanted to understand what motivated smaller companies to invest in benefits and considered all kinds, both informal benefits like flexible working and more formal, contractual benefits like medical plans and income protection.

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Top 10 Tips for Survey Writing

Posted 11th September 2014 | Category: MarketResearch

I was recently sent a postal survey which on first opening looked to be from the NHS. Through a combination of professional curiosity and trying to be a good respondent, I decided to complete it. As I began to read through the opening instructions and first few questions I realised that this was in fact a survey from the Conservative party. On the principle of misleading respondents I changed my mind about filling it out!

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