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Customer Experience

Learn about your customers and get more from every interaction.

New for 2022: DIY Visitor Attraction survey tool

Turn customers into brand advocates

We understand that your customers are the heart of your business, so you need to understand not just what they think of your organisation but how they feel about you and why. We combine traditional market research techniques with insights and techniques drawn from behavioural science and design thinking. We can help you understand customers better and make every customer interaction an opportunity to create a brand advocate.

Our approach includes simple snapshot measures like Net Promoter Scores to in-depth analysis of customer experiences. We get behind the bald metrics to understand their drivers, the first step to making real changes to how you and your customers interact. We can undertake customer satisfaction and effort measurement, customer journey optimisation, touchpoint analyses and friction reduction, help you to examine shopper loyalty and attrition and ways to make digital migration easier and develop omni-channel strategies. 

Our methods tap into emotional and linguistic influences as well as rational ones. Using the MRI  benchmarking we can diagnose how customer centric the tiers of your organisation are and what you need to do to mobilise them to drive sustainable business growth.

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Click here  to learn more about our new DIY Visitor Attraction survey tool, the first in our new DIY survey tool range.

Case Studies

  • Developing marketing materials for new products

  • Brand Development

  • Broker Relationship Survey

  • Prototype Evaluation

  • Revitalising Existing Brand

  • Luxury In-store Display

  • Comms testing alongside NPD

  • Plasterboard Packaging Research

  • Sports Facility Survey

  • Public Consultation - Council Tax

  • Competitor Mystery Shopping

  • International Competitor Mystery Shopping

  • Marketing consultancy for direct insurance

  • Engaging adults back into education

  • Tourism Focus Groups

  • Understanding Attrition

  • Website Development

  • Global Advertising Campaign

  • Trade-off Pricing Research

  • Development of the Direct Offering

  • Understanding the use of Temporary Labour

  • Visitor Survey

  • Understanding Local Business Needs

  • Compliance Mystery Shopping

  • Loyalty Scheme

  • International Satisfaction & Development

  • Adult Home Care Tracking Product Development

  • Understanding Customer Pricing

  • Help Desk Mystery Shopping

  • Communication: New and existing financial products

  • Driving business growth

  • Reader Satisfaction

  • Mixed Media Advertising Analysis

  • Affinities Partner

  • Cathedral Visitor Survey

  • Strategic Brand Development

  • Staff Surveys

  • Understanding the Sales Journey Experience from both sides

  • Public Consultation - Waste

  • Brand Image Research

  • Product Development using Ethnography

  • Multi-national Usage & Attitude Survey

  • Financial Brand Satisfaction Tracking

  • Benchmarking Mystery Shopping

  • Brand Development & Product Screening

  • Service Delivery Mystery Shopping

  • Sentencers' Satisfaction Survey

  • Housing Scheme Test

  • Satisfaction Survey (Housing)

  • New Expert Information Product

  • Audience Development Plan

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