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Travel & Tourism

Motivation is the key - engagement is the goal.

Marketing, planning and development for travel, tourism and hospitality industries, local, national and international

Whether the emphasis is cultural, recreational or educational, tourism and travel research projects each have their unique characteristics but they also frequently have similar needs. We use insight and consultancy techniques to put the needs for your unique audience requirements in context. Often you'll be reaching out to a mix of quite different visitor groups and we can help to define them clearly, in ways you can action. We identify barriers to involvement and ways to engage current and potential audience for you. We'll help you to identify the aims and objectives for visitor development and, when necessary, provide an action plan to reach them.

Case Studies

  • International Satisfaction & Development

  • Public Consultation - Waste

  • Adult Home Care Tracking Product Development

  • Development of the Direct Offering

  • Visitor Survey

  • Staff Surveys

  • Satisfaction Survey (Housing)

  • Sports Facility Survey

  • Brand Image Research

  • Engaging adults back into education

  • Understanding Attrition

  • Prototype Evaluation

  • Understanding Customer Pricing

  • Understanding the use of Temporary Labour

  • Comms testing alongside NPD

  • Service Delivery Mystery Shopping

  • Plasterboard Packaging Research

  • Trade-off Pricing Research

  • Compliance Mystery Shopping

  • Cathedral Visitor Survey

  • Brand Development & Product Screening

  • Mixed Media Advertising Analysis

  • Public Consultation - Council Tax

  • Product Development using Ethnography

  • Strategic Brand Development

  • Revitalising Existing Brand

  • Competitor Mystery Shopping

  • Tourism Focus Groups

  • Global Advertising Campaign

  • Website Development

  • Understanding Local Business Needs

  • Housing Scheme Test

  • Sentencers' Satisfaction Survey

  • Audience Development Plan

  • Developing marketing materials for new products

  • Help Desk Mystery Shopping

  • Loyalty Scheme

  • Multi-national Usage & Attitude Survey

  • Benchmarking Mystery Shopping

  • Broker Relationship Survey

  • International Competitor Mystery Shopping

  • Communication: New and existing financial products

  • Driving business growth

  • Reader Satisfaction

  • Luxury In-store Display

  • Affinities Partner

  • Marketing consultancy for direct insurance

  • New Expert Information Product

  • Understanding the Sales Journey Experience from both sides

  • Financial Brand Satisfaction Tracking

  • Brand Development

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