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HCM – Optimising employee engagement Part 2

Posted 19th April 2016 | Category: CustomerExperience

We previously introduced the ideas of affordances to design a working environment that makes it easy for employees to be productive and be engaged. We will now look at brand rituals and how they make the brand meaningful by shaping the organisational culture that people buy into and believe in as employees and customers because it makes a difference to them as human beings.

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It may be hard but it’s worth it

Posted 29th March 2016 | Category: BrandStrategy

Have you ever been in a meeting when there is that magic moment when a consumer insight nugget is shared that seems to unlock great potential and subsequently the company goes on to successfully exploit it. But where did that nugget come from?

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Now we all have 5* reviews – what next?

Posted 3rd November 2015 | Category: News

Amazon is suing fake reviewers, consumer watch dogs are warning us about fake and biased reviews. What will happen when we no longer have confidence in the consumer review ratings that are currently so popular?

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Customer data protection principles for customer-centric brands3

Posted 27th October 2015 | Category: BrandStrategy

It's time for brands to get serious about their obligation to responsibly manage customer data if they want to offer a personalised experience to customers. Brands are increasingly built on customer data as they use the data they hold on customer interactions to develop innovations and personalise brand experiences. It’s becoming unnervingly personal, in a connected world almost all customer data can be classified as personal data, anonymity is increasingly illusive. Marketers face risks and opportunities with customer data as they balance control, privacy and security with innovation. At what point does it become creepy when computers and the environment around us can recognise who we are and our behaviour?

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Top 10 Tips for Survey Writing

Posted 11th September 2014 | Category: MarketResearch

I was recently sent a postal survey which on first opening looked to be from the NHS. Through a combination of professional curiosity and trying to be a good respondent, I decided to complete it. As I began to read through the opening instructions and first few questions I realised that this was in fact a survey from the Conservative party. On the principle of misleading respondents I changed my mind about filling it out!

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