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Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: BrandStrategy

I've recently seen an excellent video execution of a PR event for Emirates. The brilliant tongue in cheek creative idea springs an unexpected surprise in which challenges are pre-conceived stereotypes to create a powerful brand message.

The heroes of the piece are the stewardesses who march onto a football stadium pitch in front of an excited group of fans before a premiership match and then demonstrate safety features with a difference.

This brilliant tongue in cheek creative idea springs an unexpected surprise when you suddenly realise these ladies are talented footballers.

It's the creativity of the idea that first of all piques your interest, then lulls you in to a false sense of humorous stereotypes of what you expect of female cabin crew, especially on Emirates, and then suddenly makes you sit up and feel admiration and respect.

Watch it via this link if you haven't seen it.

Creative and strategic brilliance.

- Making heroes of the cabin staff

- Re-enforcing service ethic

- Use of humour to create empathy

- Taps into the zeitgeist of campaigns such as Like a Girl, This Girl Can

- Creative tension in terms of the surprise and challenging a stereotype

- But greatest of all was crowd participation as they copied some of the exploits but more potently cheered each goal scored.

I defy anyone who experiences this to not think far more positively about Emirates. It's great to see creativity and brand strategy working in harmony.

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