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USB-C – What? Why? When?

Posted 12th December 2016 | Category: Innovation

Amongst the gazzillions of junk emails I like to glimpse before permanently deleting without reading properly each day, one from Belkin caught my eye today. It had the very un-catchy title of "Belkin's new USB-C Resource open to explore." My first thought was simply USB-WHATNOW?!

It doesn't seem that long ago that USB3 was introduced and adopted by manufacturers of Windows machines while Apple invented yet another proprietary but smaller connector for their mobile devices, reaffirming the need for my continued face-palming at the blatant ignoring of consumers' desires for life to be as simple as possible with each new technological release.

However, it does seem that finally even the fiercely competitive giants can actually talk to each other and actually agree on things! USB-C is a format that will be supported by the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple amongst others, vastly simplifying the volume and variety of cables required to allow consumers (and businesses) to go about their daily activities. It will allow transfer of more power than previous USB incarnations meaning it can power/ charge other devices, so requiring fewer sockets and power bricks to run monitor/ printer/ external hard drive/ other devices that are yet to be dreamt up.

Oh and even better news is that the new USB-C is not only smaller (for even smaller devices?) but it works both ways up, so no fiddling to get it the right way up to fit. SUCCESS FOR THE CONSUMER AT LAST! (on the proviso that you buy the new devices incorporating USB-C of course.)

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